I’ve been invited to participate in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project (since it’s February, well… close enough), which asks a handful of poets to write a poem a day and post it on Tupelo’s site, with the hope that readers will support the press via donations in the poets’ honor. I’m very excited about it—this is a way in which I do not normally work. Writing every day hasn’t happened since grad school. I might be imagining that it happened then. But it has given me motivation and a good platform to write a sequence of short poems about atoms.

So check out the poems that I and my cohort are writing throughout the month, and if you feel so moved, donate to Tupelo: buy a book, buy a subscription to books, or just send them a few dollars and help bring a little more art into the world.


If you decide to donate or pick up some books, be sure to let them know who you’re doing it for. And send me a note as well. Thanks!


Some specific instructions if you would like to donate:

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Complete the Tupelo Press Donation Form

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