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Electoral College, Revisited

As a friend, Jason Tucker, pointed out to me, the Electoral College worked exactly as it was intended to do—and he’s right, so really I should have titled that last post, “The Electoral College Worked, and Failed Democracy.” While I maintain the EC should go, there is another method of revising a flawed system: to ...

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The Electoral College Failed Again

The Electoral College failed again. Is twice enough (in recent history, five times altogether) to realize that this outdated compromise needs to go? When it failed to elect a President Gore, whom the majority of Americans voted for, America was given 9/11, an unnecessary and disastrous war in Iraq, and less time to deal with ...

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New Film, New Poems

This has been a good summer. The lovely Rust & Moth published three poems in their Autumn 2016 issue (up now). I made a short video for one of those poems, “Twilight,” which you can view below. One of the other poems, “We Are the Dearly Beloved,” was written after the wedding of my dear ...

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Project Faultless, the short film

I decided to have some fun and make a video for a poem of mine, “Project Faultless.” My thanks to Hannah Stephenson for including it on her blog, The Storialist. Project Faultless from Jason Gray on Vimeo.

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30/30 (or, actually it’s 28/28, but who’s counting?)

I’ve been invited to participate in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project (since it’s February, well… close enough), which asks a handful of poets to write a poem a day and post it on Tupelo’s site, with the hope that readers will support the press via donations in the poets’ honor. I’m very excited about it—this is ...

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UVA & Terrorism

Reading the Rolling Stone account of Jackie, the woman gang raped by fraternity brothers of Phi Kappa Psi (dear God that is a difficult phrase to choke out regarding the frankly evil behavior of these persons—I can’t even call them human—with all the positive things “brotherhood” can and should mean), I was struck that this ...

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Bridge Poetry Series & the Rabbit God

Last Thursday night was the sixth Bridge Poetry Series reading, featuring several Wisconsin writers reading poems about a piece or pieces in the Chazen Museum of Art’s current exhibition. It was a great reading and, despite the deep blustery cold, well attended. I am a fan and frequent practitioner of ekphrastic poetry, so I was delighted ...

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On Sciomancy

Last night I had the great pleasure to take part in a group poetry reading sponsored by an organization called Eat Local::Read Local, run by two fantastic UW-Milwaukee students. During my set I read a poem called “Sciomancy” from Photographing Eden. I selected that because at the recent AWP conference in Seattle I went to ...

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“Circus Circus” Discussed Over at Great Writers Steal

So I was fortunate enough to have a poem of mine, “Circus Circus,” looked at by Kenneth Nichols of Great Writers Steal. It’s a terrific site that examines works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for exemplary techniques within those works that might be utilized by other writers. Here’s a good post on Flannery O’Connor

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Next Big Thing

I’ve been happily tagged in this Next Big Thing self-interview series by the wonderful Maggie Smith. (Not to be confused with this Maggie Smith.) What is the working title of your manuscript?
 Collapse, Collapse. Or maybe, Radiation King. What genre does it fall under? Poetry (Unless you’re an agent: then it’s a novel). Where did ...