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Project Faultless, the short film

I decided to have some fun and make a video for a poem of mine, “Project Faultless.” My thanks to Hannah Stephenson for including it on her blog, The Storialist. Project Faultless from Jason Gray on Vimeo.

2 mins

30/30 (or, actually it’s 28/28, but who’s counting?)

I’ve been invited to participate in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project (since it’s February, well… close enough), which asks a handful of poets to write a poem a day and post it on Tupelo’s site, with the hope that readers will support the press via donations in the poets’ honor. I’m very excited about it—this is ...

6 mins

UVA & Terrorism

Reading the Rolling Stone account of Jackie, the woman gang raped by fraternity brothers of Phi Kappa Psi (dear God that is a difficult phrase to choke out regarding the frankly evil behavior of these persons—I can’t even call them human—with all the positive things “brotherhood” can and should mean), I was struck that this ...