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The Snow Leopard

 Adam & Eve Go to the Zoo

 Belief / The Visible Spectra

 Circus Circus

 Your Art History


The Rabbit God in Its Repose

 I Can’t Get Over the Moon

 We Are the Dearly Beloved


 County Fair

 Able Archers / U.S. Radium’s Finest HR Man to the New Recruits / Biology II

 Ark & Aria / Letter from the Frozen City

 The Pillars of Creation

Color Is an Event: Yellow / Color Is an Event: Blue



 Good Friday, 2020. Going Nowhere: A Film.

 Letters to the Fire: A Film.

 Project Faultless: A Film.

 Twilight: A Film.

 Interview and reading on Beyond the Breakwater (features “Project Faultless” and “Harmonium”).

 Recording of “The Rabbit God in Its Repose.”

 Interview on Writer’s Talk.

 Reading at the Stain of Poetry Reading series in Brooklyn.



“Fan Mail” at Sweet: A Literary Confection by Haley Morton.